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Terms Of Service

The customers of AMPLE CO., Ltd. (referred hereafter as “the Customer”) who are using the website that is administered and managed by the company (referred hereafter as “the Website”) must abide by the following terms of service (referred hereafter as “the Terms”) when using the service of this Website. The Customer must note that the use of the Website will be treated as consent given by the Customer in regards to the Terms. Also, there may be cases in which AMPLE CO., Ltd. (referred hereafter as “the Company”) will change the conditions of the Terms without notice. The Customer is advised to check the content updates as the changes following any reforms to the Terms are displayed on the Website without delay. In addition, any other separate conditions outside of the Terms that are introduced in separate services will constitute as a part of the Terms regardless of their prefixes.

Article 1 (Operation)

The Company may change, add, suspend, cancel or remove the service contents of the Website without prior notice to the Customer.

Article 2 (Prohibited Conducts)

The Customer is not to engage in the following conducts when using the Website, including other prohibited conducts in conditions outside of the Terms.
1. Any conducts that infringe or threaten to infringe upon any Copyright, privacy, property rights and other rights or benefits of other customers, third parties or the Company.
2. Any disruptive conducts, as well as actions that causes or threaten to cause disadvantage or damage to other customers, third parties or the Company.
3. Any conducts that breach or threaten to breach public order and morale, as well as any laws and regulations.
4. Making applications with falsified information when using the website.
5. Any illicit use of e-mail addresses, names and other personal information.
6. Any business activities, conducts of commercial intent or preparatory conducts for said intent.
7. Any other conducts that will obstruct the administration of the Website or threaten to hinder the promotion of the service.
8. Any conducts that conflict or threaten to conflict with applicable laws and regulations.
9. Any posting of images that is inappropriate for the Website, including images that are irrelevant to the spirit of the Website.
10. Any other conducts that are considered to be inappropriate by the Company.

Article 3 (Company Jurisdiction)

1. The Company may delete any images posted by the customer as deemed necessary. Also, regardless of any reasons, the Company does no hold responsibility for restoring any images deleted by the Company.
2. Even in regards to image deletion requests issued by the Customer, it is up to the discretion of the Company to make decisions for the appropriate procedures.
3. In the event the Customer has breached the Terms, the company may suspend the access registration of the Customer, delete any images posted by the Customer at the discretion of the Company, and ban any further access of the Website by the Customer.
4. The Company may set access filters on images specified by the Company without the consent of the Customer.
5. The Company may process or alter images posted to the Website in ways appropriate for presentation on the Website.

Article 4 (Disclaimer)

1. The Company is exempt from responsibility for any delays or defaults in the implementation of the Terms due to reasons beyond the control of the Company, which includes domestic conflicts, fires, floods, earthquakes and any other natural disasters or government regulations.
2. The Company will not issue any guarantees for accuracy, usability, safety and all else in relation to the use of the Website service by the Customer, and holds no responsibility for damage compensations even if the Customer suffers loss through the use of the Website.
3. The Company holds no responsibility for any damages experienced by the Customer through the interruption, delay, suspension or removal of the service.
4. The Company holds no responsibility for any damages experienced by the Customer through their own violation of the Terms.
5. The Customer is entirely responsible for all information and images posted on the Website. The Company holds no responsibility for the contents of any information or images posted on the Website by the Customer.
6. The Company will not issue any guarantees in regards to storage, preservation and management of data in relation to the Website, and will not hold responsibility for any damage or loss of data with exceptions for either intentional causes or by major error of the Company.
7. The Company holds no obligation for responding to any queries relating to issues such as customer images.
8. The Company holds no responsibility in relation to any disputes between the Customer and a third party.
9. In the event the Customer suffers damage by a third party, the Company will hold no responsibility in regards to the matter. The Customer must resolve the matter through their own responsibilities and expenses without causing any disruption to the Company.
10. In the event the Company suffers damage due to a dispute between the Customer and a third party, the Company will be obliged to claim compensation from the Customer responsible for causing the dispute.

Article 5 (Regarding Personal Information)

The Company shall handle all personal information of the Customer appropriately as specified in the “Privacy Policy”.

Article 6 (Copyright)

1. All Copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights and all other rights in relation to all services of the Website shall belong to the Company unless specified. The Customer must respect the rights of the Copyright holders.
2. In regards to any information or images obtained from using the Website, the Customer is forbidden to fully or partially use, reproduce, duplicate, distribute, or alter any information or image, or take part in conducts beyond the perimeters of personal use as specified in Copyright laws as well as conditions explicitly recognized in other laws without receiving the consent of the Company or the Copyright holders of the corresponding information or image.
3. The Customer must be able to give assurance that they either hold the Copyright or have received permission from the Copyright holder to use any corresponding images posted on the Website.
4. The moment in which the Customer posts images on the Website will be treated by the Company as the moment of consent by the Customer for the Company to use the corresponding images for reproduction, printing, exhibition or posting in publications.
5. In regards to publication rights concerning the subjects of the images, it is the responsibility of the Customer to obtain the appropriate consent if such permission from a third party is required.

Article 7 (Points)

1. The Customer may, in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Company, acquire points available for use on the Website.

2. Points acquired by the Customer expire on the first day of the month that is six months after the month in which the Customer acquired them. Upon expiration, all unused points will be forfeited.

3. The Company will not issue refunds for purchased points.

4. Purchased points may be transferred among the Customer in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Company. Points transferred in error will not be reimbursed.

5. If the Customer deletes their account or gets their account suspended, all unused points held by the Customer will be forfeited.

Article 8 (Outsourcing)

The Company is permitted to consign a third party to undertake full or partial duties of the Company based upon the Terms.

Article 9 (Prohibition of Assignment)

The Customer is forbidden from fully or partially assigning, transferring or opening for collateral any stature of the Terms or any rights and obligations that occur based on the Terms.

Article 10 (Compensations for Damages)

The Customer will be liable for compensation for damages in the event the Company suffers loss as a result of either a violation of the Terms by the Customer or any reasons attributable to the Customer.

Article 11 (Regarding Recommended Environment)

In order to use the Website in comfortable conditions, it is recommended that an environment that fulfills the conditions outlined in “Recommended Environment” be established along with a PC with internet connectivity. The Customer may experience effects including the inability to use certain functions required for Website access or the failure of the Website to display or operate correctly if the Website is used in environments other than the ones outlined.

Article 12 (Applicable Laws)

Japanese laws apply in relation to the establishment, validity, execution and interpretation of the Terms.

Article 13 (Language)

The official text language of the Terms is Japanese, and translations into English and other languages are intended solely for the convenience of the Customer. In the event the contents or interpretation of the Terms in other languages differ from the Japanese text, the contents of the Terms in Japanese will take precedence.

Article 14 (Court of Jurisdiction)

In regards to any disputes that arise between the Customer and the Company in relation to the use of the Website, the Tokyo District Court is considered the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.

Established: August 1st, 2013

Updated: March 20, 2015

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